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Team Building & Corporate Olympics

It is not enough to get your group together off site and have a few icebreaker games. If you want team building to work, you have to show the members of the team that it benefits them personally.
The following are just examples of a few of the many activities currently used.
Survivor, Murder Mystery, Beats Work, Mission Impossible, Kon Tiki, River Runner, Surfing, Kayaking, Boxing & Kick-Boxing, Sailing, Horse Riding, The Business of Coffee, Corporate Trivia Night, Lost Treasure, Hunter Valley, Convict Run, Sports Challengers, Corporate Commando.

The corporate Olympics can take many forms. They can take the format of being closely related to the “real” Olympics or can be a fun day where a bit of friendly competition between staff is complimented by a few humorous activities that everyone can enjoy. From the Olympic stadium at Homebush to a day at the Beach, a corporate Olympics event can be a rewarding experience for all while offering another opportunity for team bonding and building.