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Personal Training & Group Fitness

A qualified and certified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, educational background and diagnostic know-how to design an individualized program for you. With a trainer from Elite, you can maximize your results in
a minimal amount of time.

Our trainers have access to a range of gyms from the basic to the exclusive. Perhaps you prefer the trainer to come to you – no problem, many of our trainers have a virtual gym in their car for outside work or are happy to come to your gym, whether it be public or private.

Our trainers will guide, motivate and be that reliable partner you need as you work towards your goal. Whether it be to lose a few kilograms or run this years marathon, we have a trainer to go through the sweat and tears with you!

All trainers have their education, registration and insurance checked prior to elite engaging their services giving you peace of mind and total confidence.

Group fitness may include activities such as kayaking, running, boxing, kick-boxing, yoga, pilates, tai chi, touch footy to name just a few!