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At elite we realise that as a professional or celebrity your needs are different. Although many of the following are generic expectations – we know they are essential for your business, safety and well being. Elite’s trainers offer you the following:

•    confidentiality
•    professionalism
•    trust
•    attention to detail
•    someone that is willing to commit 100% to you

Legal documentation and agreements bind our providers to these and any other contractual obligations you may wish to include but go a step further. We strive to offer you personnel that can fulfil the many roles you may need. That is what an “all in 1” trainer can do. Services an “all in 1” trainer can be provide include being a

•    trainer
•    massage therapist
•    driver (car and boat)
•    assistant
•    nutritionist
•    yoga and meditation

Your “all in 1” trainer can also travel interstate, overseas and be committed to you 24 hours a day.

Please view our list of trainers and then contact elite for further information.