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Personal Training & Group Fitness PDF Print E-mail

A qualified and certified personal trainer is someone who has the expertise, educational background and diagnostic know-how to design an individualized program for you. With a trainer from Elite, you can maximize your results in
a minimal amount of time.

Our trainers have access to a range of gyms from the basic to the exclusive. Perhaps you prefer the trainer to come to you – no problem, many of our trainers have a virtual gym in their car for outside work or are happy to come to your gym, whether it be public or private.

Our trainers will guide, motivate and be that reliable partner you need as you work towards your goal. Whether it be to lose a few kilograms or run this years marathon, we have a trainer to go through the sweat and tears with you!

All trainers have their education, registration and insurance checked prior to elite engaging their services giving you peace of mind and total confidence.

Group fitness may include activities such as kayaking, running, boxing, kick-boxing, yoga, pilates, tai chi, touch footy to name just a few!


Massage PDF Print E-mail

The fundamental aim of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and well-being. The following are just some of the many conditions that can be helped:

Stress and Anxiety Muscle Pain

Tightness and Soreness


Injury Prevention

Joint Pain

Motion Restriction Posture

Massage can be delivered via 15 minutes desk massages or longer, private room based massage or for the individual home, clinic or hotel.


Team Building & Corporate Olympics PDF Print E-mail

It is not enough to get your group together off site and have a few icebreaker games. If you want team building to work, you have to show the members of the team that it benefits them personally.
The following are just examples of a few of the many activities currently used.
Survivor, Murder Mystery, Beats Work, Mission Impossible, Kon Tiki, River Runner, Surfing, Kayaking, Boxing & Kick-Boxing, Sailing, Horse Riding, The Business of Coffee, Corporate Trivia Night, Lost Treasure, Hunter Valley, Convict Run, Sports Challengers, Corporate Commando.

The corporate Olympics can take many forms. They can take the format of being closely related to the “real” Olympics or can be a fun day where a bit of friendly competition between staff is complimented by a few humorous activities that everyone can enjoy. From the Olympic stadium at Homebush to a day at the Beach, a corporate Olympics event can be a rewarding experience for all while offering another opportunity for team bonding and building.


Event Management & Motivational Speakers PDF Print E-mail

From a community barbecue, a private box to spoil your clients at the rugby, that once in a life time wedding to a 5-day corporate annual conference, Elite has the network to make your event successful and memorable.

Our personnel will assist with planning, strategic marketing and sponsorship negotiations, statutory regulatory requirements, client negotiations and budget preparation. We also provide professional speakers (including Olympic
athletes) and event co-ordinators trained and experienced in delivering the event on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of event sponsors.


Healthy Heart Analysis PDF Print E-mail

By completing a Healthy Heart Analysis we are not only able to assess your current fitness level but also give warning on areas of your health that may cause problems for you in the future. Tests are both passive and exercise based.

Using Elite’s state of the art equipment we assess a range of tests including lifestyle, cholesterol, BMI, body-fat, blood sugars, lung capacity, flexibility, strength and fitness. Your results are fully explained and presented as part of a health information booklet.

Complete Testing takes about 2 hours to complete (physical and passive/office based) and can be carried out in your home or office. These tests are structured to enable a range of fitness levels to be assessed, from the beginner to the elite. A condensed Healthy Heart Analysis suited to 20-30 minute time slots is also available and can be structured according to your requirements.


Online Fitness & Nutrition PDF Print E-mail

Sometimes all you want is a program to guide you to your goals or the ability to get some advice along the way.

As a company you can offer some or all of your staff bi-monthly or yearly online membership so that all their health needs can be addressed individually.  

Elite is in a position to give you the very best fitness advice. All emails will be answered personally within 24 hours and naturally any information you supply is held in the strictest confidence.

Our present online health package includes
•    Initial health & fitness screening/assessment
•    Own profile (for personal training clients)
•    2 monthly personal training &/or nutrition program
•    Advice and feedback
•    Health & Fitness information


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