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Welcome to Elite lifestyles

Providers of a niche range of fintess services including Corporate Health and Team Building, Personal Training, Boot Camps, Massage therapy and related Fitness Products. our lit of services is constantly growing to give you that exclusive elite lifestyle.

 Our services include

  • Corporate –  Personal Training & Group Fitness, Healthy Heart Analysis, Team Building & Corporate Olympics, Corporate Massage, Event Management, Health Information Days, Boot Camps, Discounted Gym Memberships, Social/Sporting Events
  • Individual – Personal Training & Group Fitness, Healthy Heart Analysis, Massage, Boot Camps, Discounted Gym Memberships, Social/Sporting Events, Women’s Only Gym
  • Celebrity & professional – Please contact Craig at Elite for any special requirements you may have, including body-guarding and driving. Also have a look at our “all in one” trainer.
  • Online Personal Training, Nutrition & Shopping – Personalised programs for both Nutrition and Personal Training. Products supplied include dietary supplements, body building and fat loss products and boxing gear.
  • Clients/members area (password required) – clients progress report and access to information on weight loss, body-building, injuries, stress,training for an event, fitness challenges etc.



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